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Don't sweat the big stuff … we have it handled!


We provide tax service to Corporations, Partnerships, LLC's and Individual Tax Payers.  We serve all types of industries including Agriculture, Manufacturing, Retail, Sales and Service and Construction among many more.


For Information on the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, read the information posted by the IRS.  Schedule an appointment so we can discuss how this will affect you on a personally.


Keep your antenna scanning for taxpayer scams.  The IRS will never call you or email you.  Never give any of your personal information to someone who is calling and claiming to be from the IRS.  Instead, hang up and call the IRS back.  The IRS has posted some of the most common scams on their website.


We provide a wide range of services including:

        ·     General bookkeeping

        ·     Income and Expense Analysis

        ·     Depreciation tracking

        ·     Month end closes

        ·     Year end closes

        ·     Mobile CFO

        ·     Cost Accounting

        ·     Internal Controls

        ·     1099 reporting

        ·     Sales tax reporting


Perhaps you are good at operating and growing your business but maybe not so good at bookkeeping ….. let us help! I have over 20 years of experience of accounting in a variety of industries and accounting platforms.  We can provide services onsite or in the cloud and have a variety of options that will meet your specific requirements.  As a member of your team, we will provide relevant information on a timely basis so you can make decisions for your continued success.  Come to our office, or have us come to yours – we are flexible and can tailor a schedule to meet your needs.


When is comes to payroll, we can do as much or as little as you'd like.  We are familiar with general payroll, Ag payroll, and Piece Rate Payroll.  We can also handle all your payroll tax payments and reporting including Quarterly and Annual Payroll Tax Returns along with W2 reporting and filing.  

California payroll has been referred to as the most complicated payroll state in the nation! It seems that as time passes there are a growing number of provisions that California employers must adhere to.  Call for your payroll consultation so we can discuss the specifics that your business must do to comply.


Getting Started with Payroll:

1)      Apply for EIN with the Internal Revenue Service (not necessary if you already have an EIN)

2)      Enroll as an employer with the State of California Employment Development Department

3)      Enroll to pay payroll taxes online with the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System

4)      Make sure you have the correct labor posters posted for your business

5)      Know the laws concerning payroll for your business.

6)      Post wage order for your industry

7)      Obtain Worker’s compensation policy


Paperwork required for new hires:

1)      I-9

2)      W-4

3)      DE-4

4)      California Labor Code 2810.5 Notice

5)      EDD Notice regarding Disability Insurance

6)      EDD Notice on California Paid Family Leave

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